CROss-border Mobility for EVs (CROME)

The CROME Project structure

The overall project deals with the development and testing of a future novel mobility concept. Central emphasis of the electric-vehicle fleet test carried out within the project in the border region between France and Germany is on studies of the mobility behavior of electric vehicle drivers.

KIT’s scientific project objective is the identification of obstacles during cross-border traffic with electric passenger cars as well as the analysis of e.g., cultural border region differences concerning vehicles, infrastructure (in particular regarding charging posts and energy supply), billing, and other services that are important to the users of electric vehicles.//-->

The CROME research activities are comprised of the following:

  • technical analysis (including laboratory tests using a demonstration system) of charging based on different charging concepts and considering the active and reactive power at a DC rapid charging station,
  • techno-economic analysis and assessment of electric-vehicle and charging station services,
  • comprehensive user acceptance analysis using online polls, smart phones, vehicle data, and charging load curves,
  • data model and repository administration,
  • legal analyses, standardization analyses.

The special expertise of the participating institutes at KIT (AIFB, DFIU, FAST, IEH, ZAR) ensures broad interdisciplinary scientific support in the analysis of cross-border electric mobility.